French manufacturer of textile strapping and flexible links and to memory

Armed links LIGAPLAST

Armed memory links mono or bi thread Ligaplast

Armed links

The armed link Ligaplast, a product made in France

  • - Flexible and lightweight link
  • - Memory link
  • - Easy implementation (machine or manual)


The Ligaplast is a flexible link incorporating 1 or 2 metal thread with different features wrapped in a polypropylene sheath. Different colors possible. Ideal link used in the food industry for closing bags and pastries. It is also used in the electric cables industry but also to tie the vines.

Specific application: Clip nose for single mask use

Use and presentation :

Maintain cables


Close the boxes


Link plantations

Green areat

Masque industriel

Industrial surgical masks

Industrial masks

Mother coil

Mother coil

Coil of 500 m