French manufacturer of textile strapping and flexible links and to memory

Printing on strapping

The printing is possible on :

Feuillard imprimé
  • - Polyester PET
  • - Extruded polypropylene PP
  • - Textile composite (BIRTIUM®)

Birtex®, Made in France


The printing strapping (more and more common) is generally using to stand out of the competitors, share his own image and secure the parcels.
This is the most suitable solution to put in evidence a brand.
Cliché customizable on demand.

Printing on demand (according to PANTONE) :

Impression feuillard bleue

Blue Pantone 301 C

Impression feuillard rouge

Red Pantone 032 C

Impression feuillard vert

Green Pantone 342 C

Impression feuillard noir

Black Pantone Process Black C