French manufacturer of textile strapping and flexible links and to memory

Armed links Cellotwist

Armed links bi threads Cellotwist

Cellotwist packed

The armed link Cellotwist, made in France/strong>

  • - Flexible and lightweight link
  • - Easy implementation (machine or manual)
  • - Totally biodegradable


The Cellotwist is designed from two threads galvanized or steel annealed covered with cellophane. Different colors possible. Ideal link for the closure of all your bags especially in the domain of food, decoration or floristry...

Manual use and presentation


Attach a vine

Attach the vines

Close the bags of candy

Alimentary candy

Close the bags of chocolate



Alimentary PELBOL

Cellotwist solution

Cut Links

Color range Cellowtist

Unwind the coils outside

Cellotwist solution

Unwind coil

Color range Cellowtist