French manufacturer of textile strapping and flexible links and to memory


In addition of our range of products:

Pince à cerclage


Galvanized or phosphated for textile, composite or PP strapping maintain perfectly the strap of your boxes, wooden pallets, containers etc … They are suitable for high tension

Manual Tensioners:

Solid, practical and suitable for the composite, textile or PP strapping. The tensioners allowed a fast strapping cartons or wooden pallets for example. Very handy the tensioners tend and cut the strap without problem.

The dispensers::

Allows to transport both coils and necessary accessories (manual tensioners, buckles, needles) to strap your articles.

Edges protectors:

The edges protectors preserves the edges of your packages. Then the packages are protected from the pressure practiced by the strapping.


The needles allow easy passage of the strapping under the pallet. It is light and easy implementation.

The accessories and consumables :

Buckles of strapping

Galvanized buckles

Tensioner of strapping

Manual tensioner


Edge protector

Edge protectors